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Fusion Cine ND Throttle Adapter Firmware: Canon EF Lens to Sony E-Mount CamerasUpdated 10 months ago


Adapter Firmware Updates

Fusion Cine ND Throttle Smart AF Lens Adapter - Compatible with Canon EOS EF (NOT EF-S) Lenses to Sony E-Mount Cameras - Auto Functions, USB Upgradable, Built-In Variable ND Filter & Lens Calibration
v.14.bin10/20/22Download HereThis is the new firmware of the EF-SONY E second-generation ND filter, which improves the focusing performance of some lenses

To Install:
1. Download and save the **.bin’ file from link above
2. Plug the adapter into your computer using a USB Micro to USB cable
• If adapter drive folder does not automatically open, find and open the adapter drive folder
3. Drag the **.bin’ file into the adapter drive folder
4. Wait for copy to finish, adapter folder window may close and reopen during this time
5. When finished, eject the adapter drive from computer and unplug
6. Your Fusion adapter is now ready for use, happy shooting!

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