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Firmware LED Lighting: Factor Prizmo LED Lights (1×1 & 1×2)Updated 10 months ago

Factor Prizmo LED Lights

SKU: LED-Prizmo150
UPC: 847372045006
SKU: LED-Prizmo300
UPC: 847372045013
LED-Prizmo150LED-Prizmo300Instruction Manual

Firmware Updates

Fotodiox Pro FACTOR Prizmo 150/300 RGB+W LED Light – Multi Color Dimmable Studio Light with Special Effects Settings

ver 1.22020 January 31stDownload Here• Brightness consistent when changing the color filter
• GN value can be adjusted in CCT mode
• CCT and HSI with 5 groups of save function
ver 1.12018 December 13thDownload Here• Updates the flash mode to be more realistic
• The light will now remember the previous HSI mode setting after being turned off
• Increased the number of Scene modes available and the light will now remember the previous Scene settings after switching modes

To Install:
1. Download ‘.zip’ file from the link above and unzip to your desktop
2. Open the unzipped folder on your desktop to find the 2 files inside:
      • ‘update.bin’ – BIN File
      • ‘update.md5’ – MD5 File
3. Copy both of those files to the main folder of a USB flash drive
4. While the light fixture is ‘Off’, plug the USB flash drive with the files into the USB port on the back of the light
5. Turn on the main power to the light fixture. The files will start transferring and installing, the ‘Data’ light on the back of the light will blink multiple times. The entire process should take about 15 seconds
6. When the process is complete, the LCD screen on the back of the light will display:
7. Update is complete, turn off the light fixture and unplug the flash drive
8. Your Factor Prizmo LED Light is now ready for use, happy shooting!

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